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Air Conditioning

air-conditioning-costa-blancaTodo Agua installs and undertakes the maintenance and service for air-conditioning units in houses and business premises.

For a cool or warm environment we  install Aircon units from Panasonic, Samsung and other top brands.

A good air conditioning system must meet the requirements, needs and expectations of the client on issues such as comfort, health, environment, life and energy consumption.

What is Air Conditioning?
Air conditioning is a process that controls the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution of air.

The solutions offered by us allows for precise temperature control; with the right temperature whatever the weather may be outside, a comfortable working / living conditions is created.

Air conditioning is one of the cheapest way to heat  your home or offices .

Most air conditioning systems contain filters, they filter dust, pollen and smoke from the air. This creates a clean air which can avoid allergic reactions.

When the air conditioner is used as a cooler, the air is also dehumidified. With lower humidity the mildew and dust mites will be reduced, most people find a humidity of 40-60% most pleasant, but also your household equipments operate longer under these conditions.